Ukihashi, Izunokuni-shi (is isolated chopsticks) district is famous for soba.

Side Festival is held in the Ukihashi. We reach the 23rd in this year.
Sale such as local buckwheat flour or Teuchi soba, rice cake, agriculture and forestry product using sticky rice is carried out.

Date and time Sunday, December 3, 2017 from 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. 

Special event space (900-5, Ukihashi, Izunokuni-shi) in place Ukihashi public hall open space 


  • Ukihashi-style Kake soba using Ukihashi product buckwheat flour
  • Sale of steamed side, buckwheat flour using Ukihashi product buckwheat flour
  • Sale of bean jam rice cake, soybean flour rice cake using Ukihashi product sticky rice
  • Making soba experience (number of people-limited) using Ukihashi product buckwheat flour
  • Branch sale of refreshment stand by others, support group
  • We perform pork miso soup of favorable reception every year (examining pay for free)

Sponsorship: Village Festival executive committee (Ukihashi ward) of Ukihashi side
Contact 090-****-**** (the 29 Ukihashi head of a ward)
(as for the phone number, please see page 20 of public information izunokuni November, 29 issue)

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