In Izunokuni-shi tourist association, update printed not only Sakura Kawazu but also Yoshino cherry tree, "Izunokuni cherry tree map" which hung down, and picked up the highlight of cherry tree in the city including cherry tree in February, 2016.
(they do not make in this year, but contents are the basically same)
Izunokuni cherry tree map
Other than "Izunokuni-shi tourist association" "Izunagaoka station square information desk" "navel of road station Izu," it is in tourist facility, city hall (sightseeing in the first floor of the Ayame hall section).
Downloading is possible from this page, too.


How about famous spot of cherry tree circulation while gradually feeling spring in this time, rent-a-bicycle becoming warm?

■"Izunokuni cherry tree map" downloading

Izunokuni cherry tree map 2016 making (pdf file)

As for the map part for jpeg of Izunokuni cherry tree map, this; lower (increase in click)


As for the kind explanation of spot and cherry tree for jpeg of Izunokuni cherry tree map, this; lower (increase in click)


■It has a lot on rent-a-bicycle → We click this

In addition, as for the cherry tree flower forecast for Shizuoka, please see this HP.
Flower forecast as of March 14 is from 4 to 10 on April (expected April 5 in full blossom) in about March 28, in full bloom.

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