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Kano River 100km cycling was reborn to ride & ride Kano River!
We hold this time on Sunday on Saturday, September 23, 24th!

And we greatly change form last year and hold for this year, 2,017 years.

Ride & ride Kano River (former Kano River 100km cycling) surveyed cycle tourism in the future from 2015 and it was available on the first day and developed tour-shaped "guide ride" that element of tourism had darker as "ride & ride Kano River" of method to perform "long shot ride" on the second day.

2017 to also become the 18th. Evolution changes "guide ride" which took 2-day meeting method that there are still few running results in the country based on evolution of tourism demand that Izunokuni-shi and sightseeing of Kano River basin that have you taste Kano River basin slowly, and want to provide opportunity of bicycle trip to have you stay in our area for a long time as possible aim at in available form.

Ride & ride Kano River which evolved to 2days guide ride from this year Izunokuni-shi in start & goal from Mount Amagi of the Kano River source including "comfortable way" of Izunokuni-shi and neighborhood municipalities including Gulf of Suruga, Mishima and the Numazu Osezaki area of the river mouth "beautiful scenery" "interesting resources" "delicious meal" is bicycle trip that local people cyclist guides at "rising "proud spot" of pride".


Six kinds of courses. Because it is guide cycling, distance is not limited when we stay in many spots briefly either.
In the courses more than up to 100km.

We link below to six courses.

■A course | Bicycle trip around way of the history and spring to Mishima-shi
The mileage: Approximately 46km
Route laboratory:
[the main highlight] Mukaiyama old burial mound park, Mishima big shrine, around source soldier of the Imperial Guard River, Kakita River others

■B course | Ride long from the middle of Izu towards the sea! Bicycle trip of Kano River 100km
The mileage: Approximately 100km
Route laboratory:
[the main highlight] Waterfall of ten thousand castles, road station Izu gateway, 1,000 beaches Park, byuo, Tsukiyama others

■C course | Bicycle trip around Izu velodrome and Shuzenji
Mileage approximately 41km
Route laboratory:
[the main highlight] Izu velodrome, Matsugase suspension bridge, Shuzenji Onsen neighborhood, geo-rear others

■D course | Bicycle trip to drink Kano River source Omi town water, and to enjoy silverberry with Gokan
The mileage: Approximately 40km
Route laboratory:
[the main highlight] "Middle Izu rice" to taste in old folk house for Umeki power station brick bridge, waterfall of ten thousand castles, wasabi field, 100 years old others

■E course | Bicycle trip over Mount Fuji view
The mileage: Approximately 50km
Route laboratory:
[the main highlight] Osezaki, Nagahama Castle, Izunokuni panorama park, Mt. Katsuragi others

■F course | Bicycle trip around best suspension bridge "Mishima skywalk" and world heritage "Nirayama reverberatory furnace" in Japan
The mileage: Approximately 55km
Route laboratory:
[the main highlight] Nirayama reverberatory furnace, Mishima skywalk, Kakita River spring others

All courses support cycling that support car is comfortable.
We take by car including shoes for long-time town walk and souvenirs which we purchased.

As for the summary of detailed event, please see ride & ride Kano River event homepage.

Entry method
We include all remarking by "sports entry" this time.

As is in the linked event homepage mentioned above, until SBS promotion.
*Ride & ride Kano River executive committee (SBS puromoshon Numazu branch office)
〒410-0892 1, Uocho, Numazu-shi sun front desk 3F
TEL. 055-952-1551 FAX. 055-963-0205

(we ask from inquiry form from web and can do it. (in that case, it becomes inquiry to Izunokuni-shi tourist association now)

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