Ride & ride Kano River 2017

News from ride & ride secretariat

About access to parking lot and start point of ride & ride Kano River 2017

"Long ride" until last year to be parking lot of ride & ride Kano River 2017, but to run in several hundred people at the same time this time about parking lot …

Entry acceptance started!

Ride & ride Kano River evolves to 2days guide ride from this year. It is the Kano River source in start & goal in Izunokuni-shi …

Under ride & ride Kano River 2017 entry acceptance

Ride & ride Kano River of this year is reborn newly!
It is holding with guide ride rotating with guide cyclist in beautiful green of Mount Amagi origin, rich water of Kano River water system, famous place, historic site in start goal in Izunokuni-shi!
Course offered 6 course in total. We are raising entries very much now!

Participant would like participation rule and instructions to participate after careful reading.

We are taking entry of ride & ride Kano River 2017 in the following sites (sports entry state).

Held summary

■Holding date and time Saturday, September 23, 2017, 24th Sunday
■Meeting venue Nakajima, Izunokuni-shi, Shizuoka exercise park special event space
■240 offer capacity (two days)
・9/23 Saturday: 20 X 6 course = 120
・9/24 Sunday: 20 X 6 course = 120
■Of one because of participation rate 1 course: 5,000 yen
■We choose among "6 course to A - F" by held form "guide ride method"
・Guide & support cyclist brings along
・Support car takes baggage and souvenir and conveys
■Sponsorship ride & ride executive committee
■Support Japan cycle sports center, S-Pulse Dream Ferry,
cycle kids
■Support K-mix Shizuoka FM broadcast
■Association of cooperation Shizuoka cycling, TOSHIBA TEC, Shizuoka office, Izu inn cooperative
Ohito Onsen inn association, Izu-shi tourist association, Yugashima, Amagi hot-spring hotel cooperative
Mishima Shinkin Bank
■Special support Kirin Beverage Shizuoka branch office
From 7:30 to 8:00 acceptance
8:30 opening ceremony, BRIEFING
8:30 start
From 15:00 to 16:30 goal
※We perform BRIEFING start goal by each course unit
■Participation qualification
・Which understands that it is event to enjoy cycling not competition to compete for thyme, and approves contents of participation qualification, meeting rule, oath matter.
・One where we observe Road Traffic Act, and we are well-mannered, and cycling can make course on public road into safely.
・Person who brings maintained bicycle, and puts on helmet, and can run.
・Which has physical strength, running power that can run the whole distance in healthy men and women who are higher than middle school student in each course.
※Participation of junior high student comes to need participation, companion of protector to the same course.


Course summary

■A course | Bicycle trip around way of the history and spring to Mishima-shi
The mileage: Approximately 46km
Route laboratory: https://yahoo.jp/hFqVAq
[the main highlight] Mukaiyama old burial mound park, Mishima big shrine, around source soldier of the Imperial Guard River, Kakita River others

■B course | Ride long from the middle of Izu towards the sea! Bicycle trip of Kano River 100km
The mileage: Approximately 100km
Route laboratory: https://yahoo.jp/IupB5d
[the main highlight] Waterfall of ten thousand castles, road station Izu gateway, 1,000 beaches Park, byuo, Tsukiyama others

■C course | Bicycle trip around Izu velodrome and Shuzenji
Mileage approximately 41km
Route laboratory: https://yahoo.jp/dHqg82
[the main highlight] Izu velodrome, Matsugase suspension bridge, Shuzenji Onsen neighborhood, geo-rear others

■D course | Bicycle trip to drink Kano River source Omi town water, and to enjoy silverberry with Gokan
The mileage: Approximately 40km
Route laboratory: http://yahoo.jp/LZARSg
[the main highlight] "Middle Izu rice" to taste in old folk house for Umeki power station brick bridge, waterfall of ten thousand castles, wasabi field, 100 years old others

■E course | Bicycle trip over Mount Fuji view
The mileage: Approximately 50km
Route laboratory: https://yahoo.jp/1fOiKD
[the main highlight] Osezaki, Nagahama Castle, Izunokuni panorama park, Mt. Katsuragi others

■F course | Bicycle trip around best suspension bridge "Mishima skywalk" and world heritage "Nirayama reverberatory furnace" in Japan
The mileage: Approximately 55km
Route laboratory: https://yahoo.jp/TJM0yV
[the main highlight] Nirayama reverberatory furnace, Mishima skywalk, Kakita River spring others

Contact information

*Ride & ride Kano River executive committee (SBS puromoshon Numazu branch office)
〒410-0892 1, Uocho, Numazu-shi sun front desk 3F
TEL. 055-952-1551 FAX. 055-963-0205

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