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Inquiries about traffic condition including the snow, freeze, chain regulation increase recently.
(in fact, we are tourist associations of Izunokuni-shi, but there is inquiry of the whole Izu)
Therefore we make some links.

Shizuoka road traffic regulation reporting system

Sekigan is regulation of weather relations (the snow, freeze).
We increase when we click part of Izu.

When it is chain regulation, we can see mark of chain, but information pops when we wait for a while if we take mouse there (when PC).
When the regulated line name appears on the screen right side (the right of map) and clicks the line name, he/she shows the place on map. The details of regulation appear when we click + mark.

Inquiry about regulation
The maintenance Security Research Division of Numazu engineering works office
Telephone 055-920-2213

Numazu engineering works Snola Eve camera
Live camera of various places of Izu is this.
Picture of live camera is popped when we click "Toda Pass" "Kameishi Pass".
Picture appears even if we click name of left each place.
(we see image, and the roadside may not pass with normal tire ※ attention on the road of thing with snow as there is not snow. Please see regulation information by all means)

In fact, we were writing similar article in 2014.
We link for your information。 In addition, you understand that you just say article of 2014, and look (you write down so in link)

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