It is HP of Izunokuni-shi about other cherry trees

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※There is blog of ex-Emperor dragon source which is famous spot of weeping cherry tree → We click this 

In addition, there is what's called Izunokuni cherry tree map.
Version is the final version, but there is no problem for 2,016 years on using in particular.
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Number of postscript 1 cherry trees information

It is number of cherry trees information. We counted by oneself before and measured.

Number Spot Kawazu Yoshino cherry tree shidare izunokuni Others The total  
1 Row of cherry blossom trees of Ema riverside 58 170       228 Kawazu on the east side 42, western 16 (sandwich Chuo Expressway)
2 Kano River flood control channel funny field Bridge   84       84 There is parking lot. It is seven near funny field bus stop
3 Kano River Sakura Park   90       90 (when but we put the sidewalk on the opposite bank Moriyama side ※ ...)
4 Mt. Genji Park   60       60 We do not know exactly. More than 60
5 Riverside 27 30     11 68 Others are Prunus donariums
6 Mt. Jyoyama cherry tree 124         124 As it is 141, we count, and is there leak in official name?
7 Castle pond Shinsui Koen 24 61 18     103  
8 Hirugashima park   12       12 We investigated (2016)
9 In front of high school in the Izu center 54         54  
10 Nirayama reverberatory furnace    Non-investigation          I'm sorry, it is non-investigation
11 The House of dragon source     1     1  
12 Burn with MOA; cherry tree         1 1  
13 Ohito junior high school    Non-investigation         I'm sorry, it is non-investigation
14 Moriyama west park       10   10  
  Nagaoka Junior High School entrance   17       17  
  The total 287 524 19 10 12 852  

Information of each postscript 2 Izunokuni-shi cherry tree spot
We write characteristic of each cherry tree spot. (as there is description to back cover of cherry tree map, please refer to that place)

  1. Row of cherry blossom trees of Ema riverside
    There is considerably much number of Yoshino cherry trees. Promenades include playground equipments (seesaw and spring horse) for small children, too. But we sit down, and cherry blossom viewing is place hard to please. We carried out light up until last year, but there seems to have no this year.
  2. The neighborhood of Kano River flood control channel, funny field bridge
    It is in map saying "there is no parking lot", but there is a few, but there is. (around five) here sits down, too, and cherry blossom viewing is not possible. But it is considerably worth seeing. Recommended.
  3. Kano River Sakura Park
    It is the most famous cherry tree spot in Izunokuni-shi. Stand is open after the flowering, too. Cherry blossom viewing that we spread leisure sheet is possible here.
  4. Mt. Genji Park
    There is cherry tree mainly near the mountaintop. Parking lot is on the mountaintop, too. We spread seat, and cherry blossom viewing is possible.
  5. Kano River Riverside Park
    It is the most popular park in Izunokuni-shi full of with child on holiday. Playground equipment is substantial, too. Kawazu ZAKURA is set to surround lawn open space and can enjoy picnic while we see cherry blossoms. There is Yoshino cherry tree, but is not suitable for saying with ... which eats lunch while doing cherry blossom viewing positionally because it is not idea out of one of park.
  6. Mt. Jyoyama cherry tree of Kano River dike
    It is spot for Kawazu ZAKURA system in the city with many numbers. Car is stopped along the dike, too.
  7. Castle pond Shinsui Koen
    We can enjoy by one of (but, as for each number, rather less) having many kinds of cherry trees for long term. There is playground equipment to some extent, too.
  8. Hirugashima park
    There are few cherry trees, but is place of Prince Yoritomo banishment to an island and place where we will drop in at in season of cherry tree as it is done. You can eat light meals such as sides in teahouse. There is service (free) of tea if we hope to anyone.
  9. Kawazu ZAKURA in front of Izu center High School
    It is around 50, but we line up neatly and are planted. But please understand as there is not place to stop car.
  10. Nirayama reverberatory furnace
    Cherry tree can enjoy even world heritage Nirayama reverberatory furnace. Please enjoy world heritage and cherry tree at the same time.
  11. Weeping cherry tree of the House of dragon source
    Flowering is earlier than Yoshino cherry tree. Only as for the time in full blossom as for the light up. In addition, there is sale of eating and drinking when we flower.
  12. Burn with one of MOA Ohito farm; cherry tree
    It is one, but it is really big and is cherry tree considerably worth seeing. It will be good we drop in at other facilities of Ohito farm or citizen's forest Ukihashi in there with much effort, and to do.
  13. The neighborhood of Ohito junior high school
    Many Yoshino cherry trees are planted in slope toward school, but the point, please be careful enough as is attending school road.

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