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Mt. Katsuragi, Mt. Jyoyama, Mt. Hattan-jyozan (Izu-sanzan(Mt.Hattanjyozan,Mt.Katsuragi & Mt.Jyoyama)) hiking

We use ropeway for climb, and how to choose courses is preference.


↑We revised as edition in 2014.
We publish route to Mt. Mt. Jyoyama - Katsuragi - Mt. Hattan-jyozan - three Tsu.

Izu-sanzan(Mt.Hattanjyozan,Mt.Katsuragi & Mt.Jyoyama) hiking map .pdf

About this course, we wrote precautions by items. Please see this.

Is Hakone, Izu bus than Izu-Nagaoka Station to Izunokuni panorama park; eight minutes (Shiyakusho-mae getting off).
It is approximately three minutes on foot from bus stop.

Numazu Alps hiking course

Inquiries increase secretly recently.
We think that we kick mazuhaokochira (Numazu-shi government office HP) *, but, as for the details, this site is substantial.
Numazu Alps introduction page of Fujiyama NAVI
Map is this. (PDF)

Three courses are introduced.
Mountain traversing course for the south to A Mt. Kanuki - Ohirayama
B eight folds Hill bus stop - Yokoyama - will Shimosaka Pass course
C will lower mountain pass - eagle Tsumuriyama ... many ratios mouth mountain pass
Report is this.
Report of yamareko of a certain one is this. (mountain traversing for the south to Mt. Kanuki - Ohirayama)
A lot of photographs are over report of this one again (for the north to eagle Tsumuriyama - Yokoyama)
Shop Male this port of depths Numazu Alps which we completely ran the whole course of by to north from Mount Chausu to Mt. Kanuki of the Numazu Alps is this. It is steep slope or is written finely, and, as for this, where is easy to find? In addition, we have abundant photographs, too.


Thing that mark of starting point was written as original handmade map of imame*hotosankai
It is this. (JPG)

After hiking, we give up sweating in one-day hot spring of Izunagaoka,
Stay; and is * reoiyasunomoyoshidesune slowly.


Mt. Genji Seven Deities of Good Luck circulation

Mt. Genji is small mountain approximately 150m in height.
As it is not full-scale mountain climbing course,
Though staying walks by dinner in hot-spring resort, it is just right course.

We take the details from this in this homepage.

It was god of wealth of the neighborhood of mountaintop (mountains), but moved to old Nanzan-so neighborhood (Komatsuya Hachinobou goes) of Nagaoka hot-springs resort street in the beginning of December, 28.

We come by map downloading over Seven Deities of Good Luck (image enlarges in click)



PDF file is this.


In the Mt. Genji, unpaved way dropping from god of wealth of the neighborhood of mountaintop in Saimyoji is closed to traffic because of landslide now. Therefore it is necessary to think about what timing futaison of Saimyoji is visited in.

Route example of Seven Deities of Good Luck circulation (when we go from Kona side)
After having got map in tourist associations; ...

  1. At first we clear Yudani Shrine (Ebisu God) and two of choonji (the God of Wealth and Longevity).
  2. We enter mountain at return, sei*ji while going along Ayame alley next. We do not go to the right if divided into two groups, and there is temple (Sarasvati) to consider that we go straight, and to register.
  3. We clear going, the God of Longevity at a stretch next to the mountaintop.
  4. We return only with some courses that came and are slightly incomprehensible, is it observation deck? We enter noatarikara trail and clear god of wealth. (god of wealth moved to hot-springs resort street)
  5. As we arrive at Ayame dear open space when we come back a little and are below unpaved descent, we clear the god of treasure. (when I hate unpaved way, it turns around in order of the God of Longevity at god of wealth, the mountaintop and goes down road and does not appear in map, but good way may approach Ayame dear open space in one of (pavement) that there is from there to Futaba inn even if worthless)
  6. It just falls in hot-springs resort and clears transferred god of wealth and we clear Saimyoji (futaison) passing through in front of Juntendo Hospital and are the end.


Moriyama west park (Moriyama hiking and neighboring visiting historic spots)

Moriyama is small heap of approximately 100m in height.
It is not full-scale mountain climbing course, but there are Ganjyoujyuin with various incarnations of the Buddha of national treasure and biography Horikoshi Imperial Palace trace, Moriyama Hachiman shrine, historic spot where there is many including well of Masako Hojo first bath in the outskirts.
In addition, over from the end of March to the beginning of April, Yoshino cherry tree flowers, and Kano River Sakura Park nearby is full of much cherry blossom viewing visitors.
It is just right course so that staying walks by dinner in hot-spring resort.


We can download map of Moriyama (west park)

Moriyama west park JPEG map (we increase in click)


PDF file from this


Nirayama visiting historic spots

This is hiking route of level ground.
Please in reference to this in this homepage about visiting historic spots of Nirayama.

As "Nirayama uokingu map" which we made before three mergers is well-done very much about historic spot, this give reference, too.
(but phone numbers, please be careful about the handling of some facility information as they are old)

NIrayama historic spot uokingu map list. pdf

The NIrayama historic spot uokingu map back. pdf