"Ayame dear" that was said to be matchless beautiful woman in the Heian era…We invite the 83rd to Genji Ayame festival to hold in remembrance of the Ayame dear at this time.
This time is heroine of event secondary to the last time, too! It recruits Ayame My Lord. Not only single woman but also married woman is welcome!
How is princess experience of the Heian era?

The date and time: It is going to be finished at meeting about 19:00 at 10:30 on Saturday, July 7
    ■Participation in local event is planned Ayame dear introduction in entertainment
    It is going to be finished at meeting about 19:00 at 8:30 on Sunday, July 8
    ■We plan participation in Ayame dear introduction, area event in participation, entertainment to Ayame dear memorial service festival

※Time, contents may be changed.

Offer contents :In clothes of Ayame dear, we raise toward the woman who can participate in event.
We offer clothes in us.
※We present small token of gratitude.
※There is not payment of transportation expenses, hotel charges.

The offer number of people :Two people
In the case of a lot of applicants, we select.

Application condition :Woman that mind and body are healthy together.

Application method : You obtain (you mail entry sheet or fax), entry sheet after communication to Izunokuni-shi tourist association and you download entry sheet from the following or fill in necessary matter, and, after photograph of the face pasting, please bring entry sheet to mail or window. (FAX impossibility)

Downloading of entry sheet → Ayame dear entry sheet
※PDF file

The application deadline: It must arrive by Friday, April 27, 2018

Inquiry, application…
To the Genji Ayame festival executive committee secretariat (Izunokuni-shi tourist association).
(charge: Kimura)

255, Kona, Izunokuni-shi, Shizuoka Izunokuni-shi tourist association
TEL: 055-948-0304
FAX: 055-948-5151
E-Mail address info@izunotabi .com

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