This event was finished. In rain, thank you, all of you that you came.

The date and time August 1 6:30 p.m. ... (as for the ignition from around 18:45),
Place is Kano River Kamishima Hashigami style.

 Is it kawakanjotoha?
 By traditional event to quiet kawakanjoha, person of drowning memorial service and the water soul of the Kano River, and to protect village from flood, it is performed for a long time.
 We light torch and it is handled by youths and falls down the Kano River at dusk while we make raft which spread straw all over approximately 3 meters square bamboo frame and put up torch in the center, and youth and children who are near hang unique musical accompaniment voice called "u, u, ua, high".

In the place, Izunokuni-shi Kano River Kamishima Hashigami style neighborhood, access have navel of road station Izu park a 15-minute walk or car from Izuhakone Railway Takyo Station and are 7-minute walk from there.

Poster of this year








Poster PDF file is this.






Fantastic event kawakanjo


From morning, we make torch and rafts. We light after dark.




We finally carry raft to river.


We carry to Kamishima Bridge.

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