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Three route buses leave from Izu-Nagaoka Station.
Timetable search is possible from site of Hakone, Izu bus, but timetable every line comes out and is complexed when, for example, search at bus stop which three lines go along. For example, it can happen when we check "(for Izu-Nagaoka Station) under hot-springs resort".
There are six choices only by to Izu-Nagaoka Station. In fact, is the same when upper three open, but from in the first place this page which; it is not revealed "should choose Izu-Nagaoka Station going?".
Route map is similar, and bus, anything of three systems may go to go to hot-springs resort from Izunagaoka, but it is not revealed that it is this route map (PDF) at first sight.

Therefore we gathered up timetable of handmade route map and main bus stop, attention when we used bus more in Izunagaoka.

Handmade route map











We increase in image click.
※Attention! Course of hot-springs resort circulation changes from April 22, 29. We disappear via Yumoto, Nagaoka the hot-springs resort north exit, rehabilitation hospital ago.
(some light blue lines changed. Map does not replace yet. We replace in a few days)

It is revealed that we get on which bus appearing from Izu-Nagaoka Station to go in Juntendo Hospital and hot-springs resort street of Nagaoka (Komatsuya Hachinobou, Ogawaya) when we see and kick by this. We write some attention.

  • ----– for three Tsu Sea Paradise faces three Tsu after going by way of hot-springs resort.
    • Therefore it takes 25 minutes to terminal. By the way, it is 14 minutes to Izunokuni-shi government office - Mitsu Izu Sea Paradise.
  • Hot-springs resort circulation - - - - - goes earlier to the Izunokuni City Hall and goes around hot-springs resort to three Tsu Sea Paradise going and reverse.
  • - - - - - for Numazu Station faces Numazu Station through hot-springs resort.
    • Rehabilitation hospital way and thing not to go by way of travel with two in turn for basic one hour.
  • Special line that should be careful
    For Numazu Station that does not go by way of hot-springs resort only as for one flight a day at all on weekdays there is. Only as for one, we have Numazu Port way on holiday adversely.

Main bus stop timetable
(we increase all in click)

Izu-Nagaoka Station
Nagaoka hot-springs resort circulation for Izu Mito Sea Paradise
 Platform ... first







Going to Numazu Station
Platform ... second










In front of Nagaoka synthesis hall
Going to Nagaoka hot-springs resort circulation, Numazu Station for Izu Mito Sea Paradise








Going to Izu-Nagaoka Station








Atsushi Nagaoka Izumi Station
Going to Nagaoka hot-springs resort circulation, Numazu Station for Izu Mito Sea Paradise








Going to Izu-Nagaoka Station










Izunokuni Shiyakusho-mae
(Izunokuni panorama park falls here)

Izu Mito Sea Paradise going
(only as for Mitsu Izu Sea Paradise going and Izu-Nagaoka Station going not to go by way of hot-springs resort this bus stop)
















It is expansion


Bus stop is this position (per back of ramen shop)

For Izu-Nagaoka Station (through hot-springs resort Nagaoka Station)









Yumoto, Nagaoka
(hotel Sun Valley Izunagaoka, Yoshiharu inn falls here, but it is hand that walk by getting off at Munenori Teramae by three Tsu Sea Paradise going depending on time)
Hot-springs resort circulation did not stop from April 22, 2017. Timetables of bus stop are greatly different, too.









This lower timetable is thing of limited express bus for Mishima Station. We stop at some bus stops of Izu Nagaoka Onsen.








In hot-springs resort
(Izumi-so, Kinjyoukan, Futaba inn falls here)









Going to Mitsu Izu Sea Paradise, Numazu Station


For Izu-Nagaoka Station (through hot-springs resort Nagaoka Station)





For Izu-Nagaoka Station (through hot-springs resort Nagaoka Station)








Under hot-springs resort

(Komatsuya Hachinobou, brook or inn fall here)

Going to Mitsu Izu Sea Paradise, Numazu Station
※There are none for some reason. (not found even if we go to the spot)

For Izu-Nagaoka Station (through hot-springs resort Nagaoka Station)















Mitsu Izu Sea Paradise

For Izu-Nagaoka Station (there seems to be to Numazu Station only on one holiday)
※I'm sorry! This still remains old. We replace in a few days!


We increased (we have not replaced this yet either)



Various others (attention)

How to get on 1 bus

Ride from basic center door, when go down front door (in the case of Hakone, Izu bus. Tokai bass is different)
When you take, please get rearranging ticket by all means.
Change is not over fare by deferred payment. (170 yen to hot-springs resort)
As there is changemaker to bus, we can change during stop. But 5,000 yen, ten-thousand yen bill is not good.

Line where 2 is careful about

To Numazu from Izu-Nagaoka Station on weekdays (we include on Saturday) does not go along the 13:20 chisel, hot-springs resort and goes by way of Mamanoue and place called Ema. As we do not go to hot-springs resort, we are careful.
As for the holiday (Sunday/Holiday) which wants to see the sights of port in to Numazu from Izu-Nagaoka Station going by way of the 9:45 chisel, Numazu Port, this is convenient. (we mention to port later)
There is short cut printing block which does not go along hot-springs resort to go to Izu-Nagaoka Station from three Tsu Sea Paradise. It is guy that "west" (the hot-springs resort west) is written on bus stop. It is early time for commuting, attending school mainly.

Bus stop where 3 is careful about

When we go to panoramic park, we get off in front of the Izunokuni City Hall, but only Mitsu Izu Sea Paradise going becomes another stop. Therefore please be careful as "bus stop may be different from going in return".
In addition, place delicately varies according to lines, and bus stop called Munenori Teramae is three places only at bus stop called Munenori Teramae. Besides, there is case going along two different Munenori Teramae of place depending on line and it is told somebody saying it is saying "you should get off in Munenori Teramae" and may be wrong. (hot-springs resort circulation goes along Munenori Teramae of place different again to the fourth after the first Munenori Teramae e.g.)
And hot spring Station is bus terminal. It is bus terminal, but there are no from hot spring Station and bus of terminal. It is just passage bus stop.

To go to 4 Numazu Port?

Going straight from Izu-Nagaoka Station is the 9:45 chisel of day celebration.
Otherwise, we get off in riding, "in front of Daihatsu" for Numazu Station and are 1.1km 14-minute walk from there. Map is this


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