It is "hot water ttarikippu" where day trip bath was bundled with railroad of Izuhakone Railway as bus (please see this in detail), but there is-use restrictions from 2018 through 2019 for the year-end and New Year holidays of (from the end of 2018 to the beginning of 31).
As follows.

  1. Izumi-so
    There are no use restrictions
  2. Komatsuya Hachinobou
    From December 29 to January 5
  3. New Hakkeien
    From December 29 to January 5
  4. Hotel Sun Valley Izunagaoka (main building)
    From December 28 to January 3
  5. Hotel Tenbo
    From December 28 to January 4
  6. Hotel Sun Valley Fujimi
    From December 31 to January 3

Please note that you do not come by use of hot water ttarikippuha during the period mentioned above. (in addition, use of hot water ttarikippuno restrictions and use restrictions of normal day trip bath may be different))

Hot water ttarikippu flyer (PDF) is this.
Detailed use guide (PDF) is this.