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We are holding "modern flower art exhibition" in special event space of Nirayama reverberatory furnace neighborhood.
Entrance is free.
Entrance is so, too, and few one, please drop in at reverberatory furnace, too.

Way near 1 guidance center

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In addition, entrance goes ahead through the site to the depths and recommends that we have you go by way of Bairin (walk road) to Nirayama reverberatory furnace.
As for Mount Fuji and the reverberatory furnace which went to observation deck of the neighborhood of tea plantation which double world heritage can overlook, it is afterwards in shortcut to flower art venue when we have you go down stairs of unpaved log.

Display position of 2 works

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(offer essential point as follows. Offer was finished)

JR6 company promotes town planning by flower art for approach to perform national campaign (Destination Campaign) of charm of Shizuoka for three years in Izunokuni-shi.
As for the name "El Dorado, Izunokuni-shi of flower!"

Many writers enjoying flower, freedom of lover recruit works full of charm widely.


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