(※ postscript will hold by addition for favorable reception about-limited trial plan in May on the date. In addition, collaboration plan with nihamitoshi (three Tsu Sea Paradise) was possible on May 19, too. The last article)

Is so-called destination campaign that JR group limits area, and does public information, sokyaku intensively, but as public performance next year in from April, 2019 to June; anteroposterior; include, and plans particularly various as period are held in three years.

One of the inside "have ship cramped easily empty-handed; actually."

The sea does not have Izunokuni-shi, but, in fact, can appear from Izu Nagaoka Onsen to the sea for approximately ten minutes.

Period From April 1 to June 30
Expense: It is 52,000 yen with to six one ship
Place: 1905-29, Hon, Numazu-shi or 88-34, Uchiuramito, Numazu-shi
Time: 180 minutes
Parking lot: Available
Contact We call to Ishiguro ocean project Murakami: 080-3588-2049
Ship fishing experience with guide that professional of fishing tackle and professional of fishing worked together. We take down fish which we caught to three pieces and can eat in take-out, dried fish, BBQ. Ship is play fishing boat of with toilet. It includes all latest fishing tackle, bait, ice, guide charges, the insurance.

The flyer surface

The flyer back side

Experience-based trial plan for a limited time



It is OK 8,600 yen from one person only in May 4!


mitoshi collaboration plan

This is limited on May 19, but is 13,000 yen including mitoshino admission including kit and all including ship charges with a limitation of ten sets in parent and child.

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