It is news of assorted very popular hot spring steamed buns sale every time!

On Saturday, December 16…
 In course of Izuhakone Railway Sunzu Line Ohito Station - hot spring Station (Izunagaoka bus platform),
Mount Fuji ~ of early winter to look from refreshing walking - Shigeo Nagashima running road and Izunokuni panorama park
It is held. It is course of approximately 11km over navel of Shigeo Nagashima running road, road station Izu.

To the holding, our tourist association installs booth at hot spring Station which is goal point and sells assorted hot spring steamed buns.

With assorted event-limited hot spring steamed buns…

shinkakarikami 640.jpg

We can enjoy taste of shop which is different from Asaka, Ayame-en, Kagetu-en, Kuroyanagi, Hito-hana, Tuzumi, Ryuugetsu and seven,
It becomes limited article which we can buy only at the time of event, special event!
Besides, tea bag of tea (Kuraya Narusawa) which matched hot spring steamed bun well entered.
As it is in a limited quantity, to buy, and to hasten…

As for the walking, entrance fee for free, advance reservations are not necessary.
Courses look at this in detail!

Refreshing walking formula HP