Famous spot of cherry tree of Izunokuni-shi first-rate early blooming, Sakura Shiroyama.

Mt. Jyoyama cherry tree Festival is held this year.

The holding date and time: Saturday, March 4, 2017
     From 10:00 to 14:00
    ※We postpone on Sunday, March 5 in rainy day.

Holding place: Kano River dike (apita Ohito shop west (back), in front of Mt. Jyoyama cherry tree monument)
    ※Parking lot, please use apita Ohito shop east side parking lot (parking lot with gravel floor).

Contents: ・Sum drum performance (Izu synthesis high school folk art part)
      ①10:45 ~② 12:15 ...
     ・So orchid (child of modern day dance tree) which has thick good point
      ①11:15 ~② 13:15 ...
     ・Cheerleading (powerful kids)
      11:45 ...
     ・shagiri performance (Nakajima drum preservation society, Yoshida festival car preservation society)
      At any time
     (other events)
     ・Amazake free service (for 500-600 people)
      ※It is finished as soon as we disappear
     ・Branch (more than 14 stores) of stall
      ※Yakisoba, Yakitori, cotton candy, popcorn, drink and others

Reference: TEL in Izunokuni-shi business and industry society Ohito branch: 0558-76-4592
Sponsorship: Ohito Lions Club 

Downloading of Izunokuni cherry tree map which enters Mt. Jyoyama cherry tree

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