Citizen who utilizes local resources, and increases people concerned with area is event of the leading role.
It is event to experience ompakuha, charm of local person and place. The technique spreads out to area aiming at regional activation as ompaku technique,
Event using ompaku technique is held by various names including taking a lesson from the past exhibition now any place other than the hot spring resort.
We will hold Izunokuni-shi demoompakuo!

Name: Izunokuni oldness and exhibition
Period: From Saturday, January 13, 2018 to Monday, February 12 31 days
Holding place: Each site in Izunokuni
Sponsorship: Izunokuni ompaku executive committee

* Event name offer! (the August 21 application deadline) ※Event name was decided.
Local everybody is the leading role. Rediscover charm of Izunokuni together, and is heated; recruit names so that is heated, and it is for throb, event to be able to enjoy.
In addition, there is present from person, applicant that name was adopted by lot.

* Application method offer flyer, application paper (PDF)
Apply for sightseeing section window (Ayame hall) by bringing, FAX or email with application paper.
Sightseeing section window, city public facilities arrange, and they can download application paper from city homepage.

○Recruitment of partners (the August 31 application deadline) offer flyer, application paper (PDF)

Event recruits person and groups providing "experience-based program".
At first which we want to know come to briefing session whether it is one worried about, one, what which we are troubled with!

○Briefing session
The second floor of the Sunday, August 6 13:30 - Ayame Hall meeting room

Tuesday, August 22 19:00 - harshness cis Katsuragi multipurpose hall

Registration charges
It is trial price 3,000 yen non profit organization 1,500 yen for the first holding
It is unnecessary at the time of participation in briefing session. Please pay when application for program was settled.