This event was finished on Sunday, June 11.
All of you who had you arrive, thank you.

The number of the firefly flights
0 May 12 20:00
One May 13 20:00
0 May 14 20:00
2-3 May 16 20:00
2-3 May 17 20:00
2-3 May 19 20:00
Five May 20 20:00
2-3 May 21 20:00
Five - six May 22 21:00
Five May 23 20:00 (we observe, but 20:00 least flies and considerably flies before 21:00.)
Because of May 25 20:00 rainy weather, it was 0 of them.
May 26     Seven of them
15 - 20 May 27 20:00
15 May 28 20:00
20 - 25 May 30 20:00
25 - 30 May 31 20:00
45 June 3 20:00
30 June 5 20:00
20 June 8 20:00
15-20 June 10 20:00

Foot is good from parking lot in a 1-minute walk! How is firefly admiration by Nirayama reverberatory furnace neighborhood Furukawa building a breakwater?

We hold "evening of Nirayama reverberatory furnace firefly admiration" this year.

The date and time: From Saturday, May 13 to Sunday, June 11 
Admiration recommendation time from 20:00 to 21:30

Place: Nirayama reverberatory furnace neighborhood Furukawa building a breakwater
※Parking lot of Nirayama reverberatory furnace is available free
Evening flyer of H29 firefly admiration

☆You can enjoy admiration of natural wild firefly.
(because of nature spontaneous generation, you may not admire depending on weather.)
☆Please admire calmly so that local inhabitants does not trouble.
☆Reference give detailed place back side illustration map of flyer.


We are going to tell about the situation of firefly with tourist association blog during period.
Tourist association blog from this

Everybody come by all means.

※There is not conduct of event and becomes conduct only for evening of firefly admiration this year.

Furukawa firefly ←State of Nirayama reverberatory furnace light up


As for Nirayama reverberatory furnace outskirts Furukawa building a breakwater becoming firefly appreciation place, it is in striking distance of residential area.
We hope that we have you look after the following attention so that inhabitants of neighborhood do not come to trouble.

Instructions of firefly admiration

We will follow ... manner


We do not speak

We find just just firefly and are apt to speak, but there is private house within striking distance of admiration place. As loud voice comes to trouble people of neighborhood, please be careful.

As footsteps become course that is easy to sound, I would like admiration calmly.



We are prohibited from admiration after 21:30

Midnight admiration becomes very annoying to people of neighborhood. When we are admired as we do not fly after 22:00, we would like firefly before 22:00.


We are prohibited from on-the-street parking

There is person stopping car next to the private house. Light of car reaches nuisance of inhabitants and admiration place and will trouble not only firefly but also person of admiration. As there is parking lot next to the admiration ground, please use that one. (Nirayama reverberatory furnace parking lot)


Mischievous prohibition

Light of admiration place and drawing card niitazurasurunohayamemasho. In addition, rice field nearby and figure that child plays at site are seen, but footsteps and voice are a nuisance to neighboring people.


We are prohibited from invasion to private house site

There is private house within striking distance of admiration place. Child plays in people homesite, and figure that adult takes a break is seen. We hope that we never enter in people homesite as it becomes very annoying act.



The admiration ground becomes the grass. It is tough when it becomes fire. In addition, to person of other admiration as is annoyed, please be careful.


Silent mode setting of cell-phone

Ringtone and conversation of carrying in admiration place are a nuisance very to various places of neighborhood and various places of person of other admiration.


Prohibition of light and shutter sound of camera

Is, but firefly does not shine person turning light of shutter to firefly to take firefly in photograph in admiration place, to various places of person of other admiration is a nuisance.

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