It is Golden Week soon.

Therefore we tell about event information for Izunokuni-shi and Golden Week in the neighbor.
(there may be scree. Please contact if tourist facility which we wish to publish comes. We may publish)

Izunokuni panorama park

(tsuzuji Festival and Children's Day campaign)

Less than primary schoolchild (we include primary schoolchild) are ropeway free of charge what in Children's Day on annual May 5. There is stage of Kiyomi jazz on May 6.

35,000 azalea (azalea) colors the mountaintop at this time.
Have this in detail (there is flyer in link, too)


Izu Mito Sea Paradise

The mitoshi PREMIUM night

In Izu Mito Sea Paradise, we perform premium knight of GW common usage.

Please see this

In addition, it varies in time for show during GW period, too. Have this (PDF)

cycle sports center
cycle carnival (fukumi characters show)

We perform various events including stamp rally yaaizetchu live in theme park of bicycle, cycle sports center as cycle carnival period in from April 28 to May 6. In addition, we perform annual character show.
May 4 Kamen Rider build
May 5 HUG tto pre-cure
Please see this in detail.

Mishima skywalk knight skywalk

It is night sales people of GW becoming annual. We launch fireworks.

Zoo moving on April 29 on 30th. And
The live concert of mask girl is in May 4, five days, too.


[night skywalk information]
Time: From 18:00 to 21:00

 Rate: 1500 yen for adults (with one drink) junior and senior high school students 500 yen primary schoolchild 200 yen
We make point across suspension bridge main venue,

 We hold night stall city and stage event, fireworks show.

For more information, look here.



Awashima marine park

Present love live! Sunshine! "Escape from aquarium of solitary island" is Awashima marine park of favorable reception, but real escape game does annual crawfish fishing by collaboration plan of this during GW period.

Garden exhibition in Egawa's house

We are usually releasing court which we cannot look at now. It is until May 6. It is Egawa's house who attracts attention as TV saga Saigo donno location. Come by all means (when you look at, you sell what's called common discount coupon in both facilities, and Nirayama reverberatory furnace and both are advantageous at all.)

Golden Week GOGO winery

Lottery and quoits meeting, opus one perform events such as sampling for wine 1,000 yen in particular including all-you-can-drink spring wine garden in middle Izu winery during period for Golden Week.


Nishi-Izu Toi Cruise who looks up at Mount Fuji from Gulf of Suruga

We are not known very much, but S-Pulse Dream Ferry travels in particular for a limited time in Toi of Nishi-Izu until from 3 to 6 on May.
Morning CRYDD (4:50) to see the sunrise
Day Cruise (11:00)
There is set Cruise (there is no this for six days at 18:00) who takes the ease, and does not steam the setting sun.
It is all 2,000 yen.

Please see this in detail.

Cable car of ten mountain passes
Golden Week cable carnival

Until from April 28 to May 6, we hold pleasant event for children by 10, Hakone Ishitoge cable car. Plastic train play bihodai, perforator experience, uniform try-on. Besides, on May 5, cable car lower than primary schoolchild is free.



Fishing on a boat actually trial tour

We have trial version tour of ship fishing popular last time on May 4.

Please see this (one) in detail.

Then Golden Week that is happy in Izunokuni-shi (the neighborhood), everyone!