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"We want to play with geisha"

However, we think whether you come, but we do not have to worry about "Even if we woman plays with a geisha, it is not interesting?" and thought thought again so that we are symbolized by the word "The first visitor is DO NOT ENTER" when it may be difficult to approach.
It is professional heaping up banquet by traditional arts such as dance or song of Japan, and geisha is entertainer. As for the time for banquet, special consideration is not necessary.
Leave all it to geisha.


Greetings from Izunagaoka geisha agency


I want to spend time with a geisha!

As described above,you may think,
Recently friends, housewives, group only for woman,
There is the use in couples, too.

 We all geisha dedicate ourselves daily to practicing traditional arts such as Japanese dances, folk songs, instruments(Shamisen, etc) so that you can enjoy yourselves..

Please come and play with a geisha.

We meet all of you and are happy if you can spend an elegant and enjoyabel time.


What's New

It was held "party - of Izu Ayame seat - bloom" on Sunday on Saturday, February 25, 26th.
After the prosperity, we were able to reach the curtain safely. Thank you, all of you who had you cooperate, everyone, who had you arrive.
Izunagaoka geisha carries out various activities to succeed to traditional culture in future.
Thank you for your cooperation.

 The Ayame seat flyer back