Project with "izunokuni" which we held for the first time in this winter as spirit.
We perform the second in this autumn!
"Izunokuni oldness and exhibition" that can have various experiences in various places throughout the city during period.
People who are going to do Izunokuni well gather, and improve charm of town
Let's enjoy together! It is new approach called this.
Support plan or interchange programs are varied other than experience!

Participate in "Izunokuni oldness and exhibition" by all means,
Please fully experience Izunokuni!
Holding this time simultaneous with Izunokuni bal!
It is Izunokuni oldness and exhibition that attracted charm of Izunokuni still more last year!

Period: From Friday, September 28, 2018 to Sunday, October 28
Venue: Each place in Izunokuni-shi
Participation method: Prior application is necessary.
We participate from 9:00 on Saturday, September 1 and accept and start (application calls in official web site or application for each program)
Official web site (July 31 exhibition)
Contact The Izunokuni ompaku executive committee secretariat (Izunokuni-shi tourist association)
     TEL: 055-948-0304 MAIL:

The details of all 57 programs are published in catalogue! We are distributing to various places throughout the city now!
Catalogue distribution place city public facilities et al. (please refer)
Downloading of flyer is this…We click this