This event of this year was finished after the prosperity. All of you who had you cooperate, everyone, who had you arrive, thank you!

Geisha (geigi) almost symbol of hot spring culture of Izu Nagaoka Onsen.
To have more customers see dance of Izunagaoka geishas afresh this year,
Under the pretense of "party - of Izu Ayame seat - bloom," we hold stage performance!
Please see dance of geisha different from conventional geisha Festival in both person taste and cover taste by all means.

Party of Izu Nagaoka Onsen Izu Ayame seat - bloom‐

1.The date: Saturday, February 25, 2017, 26th Sunday………2 performances a day

2.Time: Part 1 opening 11:30 performance from 12:15 to 13:30
                 Part 2 opening 14:15 performance from 15:00 to 16:15

3.Venue: Izunokuni-shi Nirayama Cultural Center coliseum (Nirayama times theater)

4.Ticket: Reserved seat 3,000 yen unreserved seat 2,500 yen

5.Branch: In coliseum lobby

     ・30 cups of tea-ceremony room 700 yen (with Matcha, cake) advance reservations, each performance-limited

     ・Assorted hot spring steamed buns sale 700 yen

     ・A New Year's decoration, of a bamboo twig hung with cocoon decoration, special display of ready-made decoration hina-doll

6.Sale place: Izunagaoka geisha agency (izunagaokakemban) 1037, Nagaoka, Izunokuni-shi
                 One staying at the accommodations leads and sells. It is now on sale than Thursday, December 1, 2016!
      We begin to sell ticket from general Wednesday, January 4, 2017! !!

7.Contact Izunagaoka geisha agency (izunagaokakemban)
       Telephone 055-947-1355 (from 10:00 to 17:00)

Downloading of flyer of Ayame seat from this (PDF file)

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