It is the year-end and New Year facility business information.

General tourist facility is without holiday, and it is open basically for the year-end and New Year holidays
(e.g.,: Izunokuni panorama park, Awashima marine park cycle sports center, three Tsu Sea Paradise)

About event

Izunokuni panorama park
We do business early in the morning on New Year's Day (from 5:00. ) which can visit a shrine for a new year in Katsuragi Shrine. In teahouse at the mountaintop limited zoni on menu. We have New Year's present present plan for from 4 to 6.

cycle sports center
New Year test of luck lottery or rice cake firewood

Izu Mito Sea Paradise
Calligraphy exhibition of sea lion

Awashima marine park
Seeing the old year out business

Shuzenji Niji No Sato
Ninja show

Opening information, event information in Izunokuni-shi

There is no for Nirayama reverberatory furnace ... closed days
We are closed on Egawa's house ..., December 31, January 1
We are closed for Ganjyoujyuin ..., from 26 to 31 on December (for greeting the New Year preparations)

Please see this about Izunokuni-shi public facilities (PDF)

New Year's Day marathon (no appointment necessary, free of charge)

Other news (please refrain from inquiry to Izunokuni-shi tourist association about the following news)

Mishima big shrine New Year's visit to a Shinto shrine information is this

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God of treasure fair of Dharma dolls information is this

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