To "sew Court Security Office" I would like warm encouragement!

"Sewed, and Court Security Office" cost entry for "mascot Grand Prix 2014" local character of Izunokuni-shi business and industry society youth group.

"Sew, and, with Court Security Office," as for monkey, the body, tiger, tail are characters which did ghost "nue" (sew) which comes up in The Heike Monogatari snake in motif head.

Was made without selecting setting and sellers; sew; Court Security Office. "Upbringing workshop" which had you participate in many citizen's everybodies determined personalities afterwards. We work hard at part-time job and are active as uncle characters living a life that "it is not loose" in the city every day.

Vote start of mascot Grand Prix is Tuesday, September 2. We can apply from related link "mascot Grand Prix 2014" of the following.
Person who sew, and wants to know Court Security Office in detail…
Sew; Court Security Office net

There is Facebook page, too!/nuezaemon?fref=ts

All of you are all right; wish ishimasunu - n (sew Court Security Office)

Sew and is before. jpg
(sew Court Security Office)

The back. jpg
(sew Court Security Office back figure)