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Speaking of summer, it is punting with canoe in the Kano River☆
We perform at Kano River Sakura Park on 8/27 Saturday, 28 Sunday.
We offer free trial corner and eating and drinking booths more than last year on Sunday on 28th.
Venue becomes no charge for admission in not only punting participant but also general one and can enjoy all day.

     *Detailed *

SUN      Time: Saturday, July 27 from 8:00 to 15:00
       Course: Kano River Sakura Park - Numazu Port (approximately 18km)
      Sunday, August 28 from 8:00 to 16:00
       Course: Daimon Bridge - Kano River fence park (approximately 4km)
Participation fee: Only in punting (reservation required) ..., daijinjiteisankasha, it is 3,500 yen on Saturday for 27 days
       28th Sunday punting (reservation required) ..., adult rental 3,000 yen dwarf rental 1,500 yen 
                                  daijinjitei     2,000 enshojinjitei        1,000 yen 
      But apply early as it is the deadline as soon as it becomes capacity☆        

    Only on 28th Sunday
        Ten-passenger canoe (receptionist on that day) ..., once 200 yen
       ※Ten-passenger canoe is no appointment necessary.
       We plan approximately ten times until from 9:00 to 16:00.
       On the day come to direct venue.

        Free trial:  ・Nature craft     ・The making of traditional water gun
                           ・Picture letter          ・Magic, balloon art
                           ・Street picture-story shows
        Eating and drinking booth: ・Broiled squid         ・Yakisoba
                   ・Yakitori          ・Frankfurt
                   ・A lot of drinks
Flyer for application⇒

 Inquiry, application: Izunokuni-shi tourist association
              TEL 055-948-0304