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We go down stream of the Kano River overlooking Mount Fuji relaxedly
Kano River Cal Neuse avian bar festival 2009

On the day, other than punting, event using nature prepares, too. Please participate.

The date and time: Sunday, July 19, 2009

Participation course

A1 Daimon Hashikawa descent (adult, rental)     4km ... 2,000 yen
A2    〃    (primary and secondary student, rental) 4km ... 1,000 yen
B1    〃     (adult, jiteisanka)     4km ... 1,000 yen
B2    〃 (primary and secondary student, jiteisanka) 4km ... 600 yen

Deadline Thursday, July 9, 2009

Common question is this.

We can confirm the space situation here.

We uploaded poster and application of Cal noy strike.
Using application, we can apply by FAX.
(but apply after checking the space information mentioned above as the number of canoes is limited)
Application PDF file from this→
Inquiry, application: Izunokuni-shi tourist association
tel 055-948-0304
fax 055-948-5151