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Hot spring steamed bun which is noted product representing Izu Nagaoka Onsen.
There is many hot spring steamed buns shop in Izunokuni-shi and competes for taste every shop.

To have you get close to such hot spring steamed bun more,
We get up in Nagaoka, Izunokuni-shi synthesis hall axis Katsuragi special event space on Sunday, November 5 and hold hot spring steamed bun festival.

In meeting place, there is making of handmade hot spring steamed bun experience under the cooperation of hot spring steamed bun shop in the city.
This can experience even small child and has favorable reception every time.
In addition, we plan rice cake making on event-limited assorted hot spring steamed buns sale, about the daytime from about 10:00.

"Assorted miso steamed buns" by Yaizu misoman society, depths Hamanako Tourism Association sale is held this time, too!
We can enjoy comparing the tastes with hot spring steamed bun of Izunagaoka.

Holding time from 10:00 to 15:00
Rate no charge for admission
Experience-based 100 yen made with hot spring steamed bun
Japanese confectionery craftsman makes! Rice cake, sweet adzuki soup with pieces of rice cake sale 100 yen of fresh one
Event-limited! Assorted specialty of Izu Nagaoka Onsen hot spring steamed buns 700 yen

State of the day of the hot spring steamed bun festival → http://shizufan.jp/netamap/tobu/68234/
(outside site, "shizufan")

We hold noted product of Yaizu-shi, assorted miso steamed buns sale on the day.
How is comparing the tastes with hot spring steamed bun of Izunagaoka, too?

■Blog of Yaizu misoman society → Please see this!
■HP of depths Hamanako Tourism Association → This

Downloading of notice handbill before hot spring steamed bun sacred rites from this (PDF file)
Hot spring steamed bun festival handbill

Hot spring steamed bun festival 2 Hot spring steamed bun festival 1