It is tray soon.
Therefore we arranged Izunokuni-shi and the neighboring event information.

Hot-springs resort walk city & walk night market
It is walk City holding in Izu Nagaoka Onsen Nagaoka hot-springs resort on second Sunday, but holds every week at night on August 12.

■Date and time Sunday, August 12, 2018 from 18:30 to 21:00
※It becomes held indoors in case of rain.

In front of venue Izunagaoka hot-springs resort street Nanzan-so
    1056, Nagaoka, Izunokuni-shi

■Event contents
・Local seafood, riches of the soil, vegetables, branch, sale of eating and drinking!
As summer fun event, fun plans including lot are varied!

The cycle sports center cycle night
It is annual cycle knight. Business night in some areas! We can enjoy at cool time including cycle coaster (roller coaster) and interesting bicycle.

The date and time: August 13 ~8 15 days a month from 17:00 to 20:00
Admission: Free of charge!
Attraction: Interesting bicycle, cycle coaster cycle go land (merry-go-round), jungle gym water balloon Balance motor scooter, table tennis
Stand: Broiled Yakitori, sea foods, curry and rice
Performance: 13th HERB & SALT, 14th dandy, 15th raft belt
Dinosaur experience event is in 15 days on August 14, too.

Double water slidings of comedy live and dinosaur experience, aizetchu live, running water pool are carried out in the daytime

Mishima skywalk knight skywalk

The date and time: August 11, 12th 18:00 ~21 time
Contents: Fireworks launching (1,000 every day) 20:40 ...
   There are a lot of hula show and band performance, stand branches

The mitoshi PREMIUM night

The date and time: August 11 ~14 day from 8:30 to 20:30 (extension of business hours)
Contents: We perform shows in the night. For more details, look at the link mentioned above.

Pass in the summer advantageous Shuzenji Niji No Sato

It is not tray-limited event, but this pass to release until August 19 is advantageous pass which we can enter at entrance rate (1200 yen for adults) same as usual many times until September 2. Niji No Sato includes playing in the water open spaces, too.
In addition, we do ninja experience titled stealing private supplementary school until August 19. Throwing knife dojo studios for adults seem to be fun, too.

Awashima marine park adult experience R-4

The date and time: Until ~8 26 days a month
Contents: Event one more what kind of on seeing posters but is incomprehensible, in brief, is that prepared by various experience events for child. (child beer and bar experience of bar kids menu seem to be interesting)