Restaurant, Genji

It is cooking after customer orders live eel

-It is cooking after customer orders live eel.
We finish to plump unaju. Please appreciate by all means.
We provide for 1,800 yen of one in unaju.

In addition, it enters time to some extent as it is cooking from life.
If person without time calls, we can be going to have sashimi.

We wait for visit.

Facility name: Restaurant, Genji (appear)
Address: 230-7, Yokkamachi, Izunokuni-shi
T E L: 055-949-2925
F A X :
H P :

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・Unaju extra special 2,400- yen
・It is 1,800- yen in unaju
・1,200- yen at the same level as unaju
・Tempura set meal 1,500- yen
・Sky colander 1,200- yen
・Zaru-soba 500 yen -
It is noon, the at night same rate.

Business hours

From 11:30 to 20:30

Regular holiday

On Wednesday

The number of the seats (in detail)

Room: Five seats

Recommended menu


Information & photo

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