More than local fish, one article of bluefin tuna and others dishes 100!
We can taste various dishes at reasonable price.
The volume is perfect score, too!

News as of August, 2017
Natural sweet fish is available. There are several kinds of sweet fish dishes other than foods grilled with salt!

-October - 1 moon queen crab dishes Festival
More than bowl, set meal 50 articles. There is Izu beef, too.
(than 20 banquets dishes 2,000 yen) from one article of 150 yen

Facility name: Cook
Address: 447-1, Ohito, Izunokuni-shi
T E L :0558-76-0221
F A X :0558-75-0160
H P :

Access parking

Access :
The south side of Mikadoya inn in Ohito mall

It is a 3-minute walk from Ohito Station

The nearest station  :It is a 3-minute walk from Izuhakone Railway Sunzu Line Ohito Station

Parking: /3 stand which there is


<common to lunch at night>
・One article of 200 yen ...
・Set meal 700 yen ...

Business hours

From 11:00 to 14:00
From 16:00 to 23:00

Regular holiday

Uncertainty holiday

The number of the seats (in detail)

Seat at a table: There are six seats of counters
Room: Four cliff X 2 six cliff X 1

Recommended (popularity) menu

・Bluefin tuna sashimi set meal 1,000 yen
・Warm bluefin tuna; bowl 1,050 yen
・Deep-fried chicken bowl 630 yen

 Information & photo

Cook; _02-thumb-230x153-1858  Cook; _04-thumb-230x153-1861-thumb-230x153-1862

Cook; _03-thumb-230x345-1870
Have "zugani pan" in autumn (reservation required)








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