Soba restaurant Hashimoto

Always good-quality taste to customer
motto of our restaurant to "always customer for good-quality taste" that is why as for the feelings to material conspicuously.

Buckwheat flour minded flavor and waist using domestic product that we sawed in stone mill mainly.
Tempura is full of special dishes which we fried in high quality oil nicely including specialty "kakiage".


Facility name: Soba restaurant Hashimoto
Address: 150-4, Nagaoka, Izunokuni-shi
T E L :055-948-1262
F A X :
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Access parking

Parking: 15 which there is




Base rate   :1,000 yen

Business hours

From 11:30 to 15:00, from 17:00 to 19:00

Regular holiday

On Tuesday

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