[important] Specifications greatly changed from October 1, 2017.
Please see this in detail.

(all the following sentences are old specifications. Text is left, but please note that you do not apply to after October 1, 29)


Service day until the end of March, 29 of reverberatory furnace circulation bus was improved by HP of city hall. Link is this (pdf).
It is service list from November 21, 2015.

Nirayama reverberatory furnace for free shuttle bus was operated from April 24, 27,
We changed the name to sightseeing tour model Nirayama reverberatory furnace circulation bus from November 21, 27 and traded fare, stoppage place.

The number: Six 1st
Fare: 1 ride 100 yen (as for ※ deferred payment method, the preschool child, free)
   We switch to 300 yen from October 1, 2017 (it becomes whole-day-unlimited-ride ticket.)
Bus stop: Izu-Nagaoka Station → Nirayama reverberatory furnace → Hirugashima park → Egawa's house → Nirayama strawberry picking center → Village of Hojo → Izu-Nagaoka Station

  Please see this on timetable and service day of shuttle bus (pdf file)

Service day: Basic Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays. But, at summer vacation and the end of the year, service days increase for Silver Week for Golden Week.

It was 1 ride 100 yen, and stoppage places increased. Nirayama strawberry picking center ※It stops in this. (stoppage place of ※ et al. does not change)
※Position of village of stop Hojo who is convenient to go round Ganjyoujyuin et al., historic spots of Hojo owning five various incarnations of the Buddha of village ..., national treasure of Hojo is around Moriyama east parking lot of city (the neighborhood of 132, Jike, Izunokuni-shi).
※Nirayama strawberry picking center ..., opening of the park period, from January 2 to May 8

Bus service guidance and walk map are this. (pdf file


It is this in detail

Please see this.