Immaterial racial culture materials
River feelings had been ever carried out in Sokouji, but gradually declined after Kano River typhoon of (1958) in 1958. However, it dies out, and preservation society starts in (1981) in revival, 56, and this a long time event is succeeded to in 1975 by (1975).

In evening on August 1, Kamishima inhabitant of a ward cooperates and is performed, but it is the current situation every year that securing of materials including wheat Kalla becomes difficult year by year.

"River feelings" spread wheat Kalla all over approximately 3m square bamboo frame and, to raft approximately thickness 1m, made torches (torch) more than 5m - 6m in length. We carry this to lower around God gain hemp will Shinto shrine (kammasumashijinja) and set fire to torch, and approximately ten youths handle, and children who are on "cormorant, cormorant, uwaha (hya) i" and the * (grow) opposite bank receive this and answer with "cormorant, cormorant, uwaha (hya) i". We repeat this and drain approximately 1km to the down stream of Kamishima Bridge.

We quiet the water soul of the Kano River and are event in hope of memorial service of person of drowning, security of district.

Event name: kawakanjo
Holding place: Kamishima Hashigami style ... down stream
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