Hill of clematis

We touch with culture at Urban resort
Hill of clematis is art resort among rich nature of the foot of Fuji.

"Bungee horikokuteiembijutsukan to introduce Italian modern concreteness sculptor, work of Guiliano bungee to," it is dotted with "Yasufumi Inoue school" and cafe restaurant, nature parks other than "buffet art museum" to store work of popular French painter Bernard buffet in Japan, and to display.

We can enjoy clematises in full blossom for from May to June.


Access parking

・Person who comes by car
 From the Tokyo area: From Tomei Expressway foot I.C. is 10km to the Numazu area via R246
 From the Nagoya area: From Tomei Expressway Numazu I.C. is 5km to the Gotemba area via R246

・Person who comes by train
 There are JR Tokaido Line "Mishima Station" getting off, from north exit (Shinkansen Exit), free shuttle bus

 Available (free of charge, 220)


■Clematis garden / bungee horikokuteiembijutsukan
1200 yen for adults, high university student 800 yen, small, junior high student 500 yen (it fluctuates by season)

■Buffet Museum / buffet child Museum
1000 yen for adults, high university student 500 yen, small, junior high student for free

■Yasufumi Inoue school
500 yen for adults, high university student 400 yen, small, junior high student for free

 Business hours

・From 10:00 to 18:00 (from April to August)
・From 10:00 to 17:00 (2, 3, 9.10 month)
・From 10:00 to 16:30 (from November to January)
※Admission until 30 minutes before closing time

 Regular holiday

・On Wednesday (in the case of holiday, we do business and take a rest the next day)
・The year-end and New Year holidays

 Information & photo

■Clematis garden / bungee horikokuteiembijutsukan
Personal art museum of concreteness sculptor Guiliano bungee on behalf of modern Italy. We can appreciate work which featured the theme of human essence in extensive space. In addition, art museum which a lot of many flowers are put on this garden including clematis, and gardening fan can enjoy.

■Buffet Museum / buffet child Museum
Art museum to store black straight line and work of French painter Bernard Buffet characterized by color of monotone, and to display. Experience-based art museum to be able to enjoy child Museum of juxtaposition in parent and child. Workshop is held at any time, too.

■Yasufumi Inoue school
Literature building of native district writer, Yasushi Inoue who continued talking about nature of Yugashima, Amagi and human growth. We display valuable document including photograph and manuscript of writer. Purely Japanese building nestling among bamboo forest lets you feel taste of the real Japan and peace of mind.

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