Awashima marine park

Let's encounter Luke penguin sesame seal
Aquarium in Awashima of neighborhood 2.5km. We breed dolphins in pool using the sea of nature, and show is held three times a day. We carry out sea lion show of California sea lion three times a day. In addition, we display and breed Humboldt penguin harbor seal and can come across animals of many seas.

We display mainly on creature having habitation around Awashima in aquarium and we advocate concept by all means and keep small water tank in mind so that we enjoy clearly, and customer can see. There is careful commentary of the staff, and "contact water tank" touching sea urchin and starfish has favorable reception on the second floor.

In addition, in late years the number of the kinds boasts of Nihonichi to rare "world frog exhibition" during permanent construction in Japan and pushes forward breeding of foreign frog said to that it is difficult now. We go over to island by ship and are theme park of the sea which can be idle on 1st.


Access parking

・Person who comes by car
 Approximately 40 minutes than Numazu IC at Route 414 in the Osezaki area along prefectural road Route 17
 From Nagaoka hot spring Mitsu Awashima area approximately ten minutes

・Person who comes by train
 From JR Numazu Station is approximately 30 minutes by Tokai bus (konashihomen)
 It is approximately 25 minutes by taxi from JR Mishima Station by taxi from Hakone, Izu Izu-Nagaoka Station for approximately 15 minutes

 Five / car approximately 150 (Saturdays, Sundays and holidays one 500 yen / weekdays free of charge) buses (free) which there is


Adult 1,600 yen 800 yen for children (4 years old or older to primary schoolchild)

Business hours

From 9:30 to 17:00
※There is change including the summer at last reception desk 15:30 (inquiry required)

Regular holiday

Year round (there is temporary rest garden, and the details refer to HP on weekdays)

Information & photo

Small "Awashima" of neighborhood 2.5km to float in Gulf of Suruga is theme park full of nature. Aquarium natural in plant, wild bird and the sea of the circumference.
Awashima whole view -thumb-230x152-3768-thumb-240x240-3769

Bold move of jump and diving is shown by the skill that California sea lion is small. Three times a day holding. Depending on day, not only sea lion but also seal participates in show?
ashikashopujampu -thumb-230x172-911

We display mainly on creatures of the sea around "Awashima" and Gulf of Suruga. You can see beautiful fish which does not lose in fish of southern country either. Popular "sea urchin, starfish or sea cucumber" actually touch contact water tank of 2F.
The first floor of Awashima aquarium -thumb-230x172-965

Awashima aquarium (we include free of charge, admission charges)
The "frog building" world, Japanese frog flocks! Display kind is proud of Nihonichi. Admission charges separately (one 100 yen - 200 yen)

Seals unusually participate in sea lion show in the whole country. Art is unexpectedly in good health leisurely slowly!
Pal -thumb-230x153-914 of harbor seal

We pass to "Awashima" with Awashima marine park by ship. If the weather is clear, it is admission backed by Mount Fuji. After the admission, we participate in walk rally (all 20 questions, free of charge) in response to quiz while going round peripheral 2.5km of Awashima and can enjoy walks of "seafront" leisurely. In addition, Shimauchi has marine restaurant "shore dinner imperial villa" (rikyu), and idea dishes "parent and child hamburg set meals of sardine" of chef are popular "Ise lobster tempura set meal" which we used one whole Ise lobster for.
Ship and Fuji -thumb-230x172-977

We see and play

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