Firefly of Nirayama Furukawa

Do you not appreciate wild firefly?
Place that can appreciate wild firefly in Izu earliest. At the Furukawa (Furukawa) bank of a river drifting to the Izunokuni city, you can appreciate wild firefly earliest in Izu area.

Clear stream, Furukawa who drifts to Izunokuni-shi Nirayama district. Habitat of here natural firefly. From the middle of May to season out of one of June, we wrap people whom faint light visited kindly.


Access parking

・Person who comes by car
 It is approximately 40 minutes at Route 1, Route 136 from Tomei Expressway Numazu interchange. Izunagaoka
 Pass intersection (Nanjo) of the station square; the next signal to the left. Come to mark with signboard.

・Train, person who comes by bus
 Person of train changes to Izuhakone Railway at Shinkansen Mishima Station; and approximately 20 minutes. Izu
 After getting off at Nagaoka Station, come by taxis. (in the case of foot 30 minutes)

 Available (free)


Business hours

The mid-May and mid-June (from 20:00 to 22:00) is in full bloom.

Regular holiday

Information & photo

 Izunokuni-shi tourist association holds "evening of firefly appreciation" from mid-May through mid-June. We set up signboard, step light and look forward to visit to be able to appreciate to all of you safely.

In addition, we hold "reverberatory furnace firefly Festival" at the same time on Saturday in the first week in June. Events including firefly concert are varied. Please enjoy the cause, sound of lighting up of reverberatory furnace and pageant of light. Firefly appreciation time: The mid-May and mid-June (20:00 - 22 in full bloom)
※Saturday first in reverberatory furnace firefly Festival June
Evening (firefly Festival) of firefly appreciation

14 fireflies Festival -thumb-230x254-2311  Scenery -thumb-230x153-2315 during 14th

We see and play

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