Kakita River spring group

Blessings of nature
In the Kano River water system Kakita River, spring of Yoichi Azuma proud of 1 million tons of daily quantity of water is known to water source as the Japanese shortest first-grade river (1,200m).
Explosion of Mount Fuji 8,500 years ago gushed a large quantity of lava now. This lava flowed through small valley put in Mount Hakone and Mount Ashitaka and did to upper Mishima-shi and this Kakita River region. This was named "the Mishima lava flow".
Because the Mishima lava flow does not put water through the outer layer of the bottom Old Fuji volcano through water in cheap porous layer, it is groundwater, and rain and snow that it rained in Mount Fuji and Gotemba Jikata flow down and it is "spring water" and appears on the surface of the earth in Mishima-shi and this Kakita River. There is Maruike of others, Komoike of Mishima-shi, Kohama Pond, water spring garden and Shimizucho in the vast kinanoga Kakita River of scale of this spring water.

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Go down Tomei Expressway Numazu IC, and Route 1 to Odawara, the Shimoda area

Route bus /
・For marsh quotient, Fujii Hara (via Santo moon) [a 1-minute walk from getting off in front of Kakita River Yusui Park]
・A 5-minute walk from Tamai Terashita car via old road between Numazu, Mishima
・A 5-minute walk from west Tamagawa getting off via national hospital between Numazu, Mishima

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※In four pieces mentioned above, you cannot see two pieces below by park walk (for shooting that we enter underwater photography, river).

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