Castle pond Shinsui Koen

It is park where wild birds gather
It is park made using trace of moat of Nirayama Castle. There are a lot of wild birds in large pond and can enjoy bird watching (there are bird-watching huts).

Street, waterside named "Shinsui Koen" are maintained, too, and playing in the water is possible in the summertime, too. There are playground equipments such as slides, too.


Access parking

・Person who comes by car
 We turn to the Nirayama Station area at Route 136 Yasaka-jinja Shrine intersection. It becomes the neighborhood of park entrance when we go straight approximately 500m. It is position of degree from Egawa's house, native district historical materials building for 2-3 minutes on foot.
・Train, person who comes by bus
 Getting off at Izuhakone Railway Nirayama Station 1.3km (as for bus or foot on foot from station 15-20 minutes)
 ※The nearest station Nirayama Station (train) Chinese chive high front (bus stop)
 Available (around six 12 first parking lots second parking lots)


Business hours

24 hours

Regular holiday

Information & photo

 13 Japanese pampas grass -thumb-230x172-2281
It is castle pond. We can go around around this pond.

13 wild bird hut -thumb-230x172-2285
It is chicken observation hut.

13 playground equipment -thumb-230x172-2288
There is playground equipment, too. This park is most suitable for outing that is same as child.

13 bandstand -thumb-230x172-2291
Bandstand and lawn open space

13 hiking course -thumb-230x172-2297
Ume tree of the sidewalk. It becomes hiking course to Egawa's house and Hirugashima.

13 -thumb-230x172-2303 equipped with restroom
It is completely equipped with restroom, too

We see and play

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