Ayame hot water

Nostalgic atmosphere
Small public bathhouse in east foot Kona hot-spring resort of Mt. Genji of Izu Nagaoka Onsen. Name is named for beautiful woman "Ayame princess" from Izunagaoka, and the appearance brings on nostalgic atmosphere in wall covered with square tiles and jointed with raised plaster, and moderately rustic feeling can taste both bathtub and dressing room small. Hot water has an effect to neuralgia and dermatopathia, muscular pain, fair skin with water-clear alkaline simple spring.
Access parking

From Izu-Nagaoka Station Hakone, Izu bus
or "Nagaoka hot-springs resort circulation" for or "three Tsu Sea Paradise" for "Numazu Station" ride
A 3-minute walk from "in front of general hall" getting off


300 yen
800 yen with break

Business hours

Regular holiday

Every month 22nd

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