Onazuka park of historic interest

Memorial service monument of Princess Yae and lady's maids who killed their life after tragic love with Yoritomo
This park is park mainly on memorial service monument of octuple princess and five lady's maids which loves Yoritomo Minamoto, and died last moments of tragic love.

We were maintained as one of the town business neatly in 1994 and were reborn as "Onazuka park of historic interest" so that we considered the present situation topography without area being 5,500 square meters, and spoiling small animal growth environment such as small bird or insect, and symbiosis with nature was planned, and the green richness experienced for scenery.

Memorial service monument is on the right than this and is called Onazuka for a long time and Tanakayama Onazuka historic spot preservation society plays a key role every year in April and performs memorial service festival.


Access parking

Access: It is approximately 15 minutes by getting off at Izuhakone Railway Takyo Station taxi
Go to the Ito area in ROUTE136 Sanpuku IC, is left turn at main country path Ito, Ohito lines, lower field intersection.
Approximately ten minutes along city street

There is parking lot, restroom



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General statement derived from monument of Onazuka

Yoritomo Minamoto defeated by Heike was seized with revolt of Heiji and became banishment to an island to Izu leech ke Kojima at 14 years old. Sukechika Ito set up small hall in Shonai at the age of Yoritomo 26 years old and we let Yoritomo live and called "the north small Imperial Palace".

In *shin which finishes military guard of Kyoto in about February, 1180, and did kaesakan, Yoritomo and Chizuru that it was to 3 years old between four girls Yae princess know that circle is. *shin where we flew into a rage with prompts Yoritomo to hall of Tokimasa Hojo and shuts in Princess Yae in one room, and the Chizuru-maru tells roar ke deep water when we sank. But *shin which knew cruelty of execution of Heike misses Chizuru circle secretly in worth Genji and we come of age and are founder Tadahisa of Shimazu later when it was. (written by Made Ito "hachijuhimesentsuruganko")

Princess passed through hall on the early morning of July 16 and hurried to Hojo building with six lady's maids. However, we knew that it was bound Yoritomo and Masako together and have sunk the body by torrent of pearl ke deep water (current Furukawa) to grieve with surprise.

Lady's maids call hair of the deceased of princess when they killed themselves in the cause of moonlight, the lower part of pine of Onita Nakayama on chest. Was built, and country woman held a service for monument and called "Onazuka". It is approximately 800 years ago.

He investigated the field to Ito in past year and erected rest-in-peace pagoda, and monument of "Onazuka" was rebuilt here in February, 1974 by people of Onita Nakayama whom we approved of and neighboring villages.

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