Temple of sekihigashiju*tenenokodensetsu and country clear soup origin
It is said that influential person, Kunikiyo Hatakeyama (Hatake we wind up) of the Muromachi Shogunate founded in 1362 (Joji 1) and is temple which Noriaki Uesugi of Kanto district administrator repaired as authentic temple in 1368 (Oan 1).
It became magnificent Buddhist monastery which had annex 78, subordinate temple 300 in the golden age and was added to sekihigashiju* (the sixth of big temple of ten of jissatsu / Kanto) at the age of Muromachi Shogunate 3s general Yoshimitsu Ashikaga. Buddha image with product of kamakurajidaikeiha is enshrined in Buddhist sanctum, and child care guardian deities of children of grave of the open basis, founder and old maple woods hermitage are left for the precincts.
Three legends concerning Tengu who assumed this temple the stage are informed, and "1 trillion kidnapped by Tengu" is particularly famous. 1 trillion chief bonzes of a temple became chief priest of House of Takaiwa of minor Zen temple in actual people later. In addition, as for country clear soup (it is dark and occurs) which monk practicing asceticism eats, this temple is still the birthplace with Kencho era stew.

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