Hirose Park

It is open space that is just right though child plays.
It is near shallows Shrine, the Ohito citizen gymnasium and possesses tennis court, Kyudo ground, pool. There is playground equipment which child can enjoy.
Facility name: Hirose Park (we cannot ask for Hirose)
Address: 7-11, Takyo, Izunokuni-shi, Shizuoka
T E L :055-948-1461 (the Izunokuni-shi Social Education Division)
F A X :
HP :http://www.city.izunokuni.shizuoka.jp/syakyo/manabi/kashidashi/ichiran/013.html
Use application method of facility…
HP :http://www.city.izunokuni.shizuoka.jp/syakyo/manabi/kashidashi/moushikomi.html
Access parking

Car: In the case of use of Izu Chuo Expressway from Ohito center interchange Ohito Usami road in the Ito area. In the case of the Route 136 use, we go ahead through Ohito Usami road from Sanpuku IC to the Ito area equally and turn left just before the first traffic light. Public transport: It is a 10-minute walk from Izuhakone Railway Takyo Station

Parking: Available


Reference give the following site about use charges such as tennis courts.

Business hours

・Tennis court: It is 21:00 from 8:00
・Kyudo ground: It is 18:30 from 8:00
・Hirose Park natatorium: From 9:00 17:00 (until entrance 16:00 from /7 place in the moonlight season to the end of August)

 Regular holiday

The year-end and New Year holidays (from December 29 January 3)

Tennis court

Can discuss; item: Rigid rubber-ball tennis
Facilities: Two tennis courts


Facility: Running water pool, 25 meters of pools, pool for infant
※We photographed photograph in the winter season.
※If there is not attendant (adults such as protectors), infant cannot enter.
Please purchase admission ticket at pool window.
※Inquiry about natatorium to city planning section (telephone 055-948-2909)

Information & photo


There is playground equipment, too

Brook such as photograph flows between Hirose Park and Hirose Shrine.

We see and play

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