Divers in Fujimi

Welcome to Osezaki. Have you seen smile of fish?
It is, "customer is satisfied" with approach that we begin shop in Nishi-Izu Osezaki, and well-established "fujimi" provides for 50 years.

By diving service, diving device, guide experienced again go down in enough rental tanks, and information and correspondence that you can be satisfied with take, and, fish watching group and photo group diver, it is enough we "fujimi" toward the beginner more that pursue thing which customer demands from Osezaki.

In addition, facilities as inn and meal (local seafood) have favorable reception toward the general sightseeing very much, too.
Furthermore, we are fully equipped with seaside cottage of juxtaposition for sea bathing of season in the summer, and enjoy atmosphere of traditional Osezaki and fix slow environment.

We keep service that it is said to, it "was good to come to fujimi" if we come to Nishi-Izu Osezaki in mind, and all the staff look forward to heartily.

*mei: Divers in Fujimi (ocean view fujimi)
Address: 〒 410-0244 993, Nishiuraenashi, Numazu-shi, Shizuoka
T E L :055-942-3052
F A X :055-942-2733
E-mail: info@ose-fujimi .com
H P :http://www.ose-fujimi.com/diving
Access parking

<< person coming by car >>

We go by way of Route 414 from Tomei Expressway Numazu I.C
Turn right at the intersection of Kuchino (Kano River flood control channel) from Route 414, to prefectural road Route 17. (from Kuchino to Ose approximately 40 minutes)
Normal time approximately one hour, 33km

<< in the case of the train, bus use >>

Change to Tokaido Line from Mishima Station, to Numazu Station.
There is nonstop bus from the Numazu Station south exit, but as there are only 2 roundtrips a day, you confirm time, and please use.
When you cannot get on for Ose as konashiko kino bus leaves several 1st, please use konashiko kiogo. We will go to meet.
Ship appears from Numazu Port at time in the summer. Please use liner (the plover-maru) to Ose on bus of (approximately ten minutes) for Numazu Port from Numazu Station. Approximately 30 minutes


When we come from the Numazu area

We enter the right at prefectural road Route 17 at Ose entrance, and there is righthander when we go down slope.
fujimi parking lot is on the immediate left side. Only car, please can enter carrying baggage and device once toward the parking lot as we have you withdraw to terminal (the side of konashikankochushajo), and bicycle-drawn cart or cart is put beside office of konashikankochushajo.
Please be careful about theft such as baggage then. We appear in the sea, and there is shop when we turn left and come a little.


Accommodation (with half board): 7,500 yen
※It is diver rate. (general one is 8,000 yen.)

※As it is period in particular for the year-end and New Year holidays in GW, the summer, please refer.
※As you hold scuba diving class, experience-based diving, fan diving, please refer.

In addition, please see this in detail.

Business hours

Regular holiday

Information & photo

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