Kayak tapa

We experience river kayak in the Kano River
While even beginner practices at OK, place without flow, we go down course of 1.2km. The time required of course is approximately 60 minutes.
Facility name: Kayak tapa
Address: 〒 410-0835 3-39, Nishijimacho, Numazu-shi, Shizuoka
T E L1 :055-933-1337
F A X :055-933-1337
E-mail: kayak@tapa.ptu.jp
H P :http://tapa.ptu.jp
Blog :http://kayaktapa.i-ra.jp/

It is 5,500 yen more than adult (more than junior high student) 6,500 yen, third grader

Access parking

Izunokuni-shi Kano River Chitose Bridge - Sakura Park (short-range 1.2km course)

Regular holiday

We always hold (reservation required)

Information & photo

It includes kayak, tool, guide charges, accident insurance. As there are other courses, please refer.
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We see and play

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