Ikusu paraglider school
Kick the earth; and is ... to sky now
We jump out of everyday limited life space, and Ikusu provides outdoor life mainly on paraglider so that anyone can enjoy longed-for sky.

If even condition is equal, even real beginner can fly from the first day, and paragliding is sport that there is easily to anyone.

The first flight is full of expectation and uneasiness, but Ikusu paraglider school with abundant know-how advises certain technique kindly.

Facility name: Ikusu
Address: 〒 419-0104 374-63, Hata, Kannami-cho, Tagata-gun, Shizuoka
T E L :055-974-3439
F A X :
H P :http://www.asahi-net.or.jp/~YB7H-SMN/startnn.html
Access parking

Access :

■When you come by car

・Odawara checkpoint
We advance to "the Atami area" according to indication in the neighborhood of Odawara-Atsugi Expressway, sei* bypass terminal and use R135.
Comfortable shore road follows for a while after this.
We splurge on 310 yen on the way on Manazuru road and, through toll road, go ahead through public way to the Atami area without entering at Yugawara on Atami beach line (pay).

・Atami checkpoint
Here is the first point by this route.
With big road sign "Shimoda Atami Station, the left the right turn right toward Atami Station in Ito" and paths of a certain Y-shape.
We go up "Hakone, ten mountain pass right" and thin way which there is to the right with big signboard of "hotel Suiko garden" and small mark when we go ahead through approximately 1.5km mall.
We turn left at the signal with mark of "craze for left turn box road" in halfway up a mountain of mountain and advance to the Kannami area.
We pass through tunnel, and there is "Ikusu" along the road of last 1.5km of tollgate (300 yen).

・Way back
With Hayakawa in the lead, up line of the weekend, the way mentioned above are congested by all means.
It is the best we avoid this, and to go down Hakone new road from Hakone Pass through way on mountain.

・The other route
Tomei Expressway Numazu IC - ROUTE 1 - ROUTE136 - heat box road (approximately 40 minutes)
Odawara - Hakone new road - ten Pass - Atami Pass - Tanna Basin (approximately 50 minutes)

■When you come by train
By Atami transfer, we use Tokaido Line of arrival at 9:47 at Kannami (we look at plane) station.
We meet to Kannami Station, and there is. Please confirm on the telephone. (approximately two hours from Tokyo Station).
There is taxi at the station square, too.
Parking: Available


・Daily course       10,000 yen
・2-crew tandem course 10,000 yen
・Class A (four times) course 20,000 yen
・Class B (six times) course 30,000 yen <six days>
・NP6 ka moon course    > which there are no 40,000 yen <days restrictions in
・P6 ka moon course     > which there are no 40,000 yen (P course and extension include repacking) <days restrictions in

・Administrative expense 1st      1,500 yen
・Rescue repacking 4,000 yen (for half a year)
・Waterfall intellect mountain annual convention costs      25,000 yen
・Waterfall intellect mountain visitor     3,000 yen <six days>
・Identification of skill application charges      > which there are no 1,000-10,000 yen <days restrictions in
・Identification of skill application fee    > which there are no 3,000 yen <days restrictions in

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Business hours

From 10:00 to 16:00

Regular holiday

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Information & photo

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