We put historical Kona hot spring of 1300 and Nagaoka hot springs discovered in the Meiji era together say "Izu Nagaoka Onsen".

It is alkaline simple spring, and colorlessness is unscented, and it is said that we are effective against fair skin and muscle fatigue, stomach and intestines disease. Spring water drinking is possible, too.

Katsuragi mountains which can overlook the Kano River and Gulf which can enjoy mountain stream fishing of Mount Fuji, Suruga let people relieve at simple nature.

Guidebook of neighborhood

Mt. katsuragi panorama park, Kano River Sakura Park, Mt. Genji Park, citizen's forest Ukihashi, Shuzenji nature park, field mustard field, Ema strawberry hunting, ceramic art experience, blueberry hunting, mandarin orange hunting, Seven Deities of Good Luck circulation (Mt. Genji), golf, canoe (the Kano River), cycling








Nirayama hot spring

Hot spring which springs out to Horikoshi Imperial Palace trace which was house of Kanto district administrator Masatomo Ashikaga. We ever existed near Kano riverside and Izu-Nagaoka Station of Izuhakone Railway Sunzu Line Nirayama Station gathering, but, in Nirayama hot spring which is available to tourists, it is now "only in near day trip bath facility Nirayama hot spring hall" as from Izu-Nagaoka Station, and "Nirayama hot spring" where we can stay at does not exist. Hot spring has an effect for rheumatism, dermatopathia, the neurologic paralysis, injury disorder in alkali spring of 36-39 degrees.

Hatake Onsen

It is said that 30-37 degrees toiunurumenoo hot water is effective against neuralgia and rheumatism, injury, fair skin structure in mildly alkaline simple spring for a long time and is appointed in the Shizuoka one and only, designation nation rest hot spring of the Environmental Agency. Among quiet rural sceneries, there are many people coming by rests such as hot spring cure. We can see Mount Fuji on fine day, too.

Guidebook of neighborhood

Egawa's house, Nirayama reverberatory furnace, Hirugashima, Ganjyoujyuin, castle pond Shinsui Koen, Kitaema cave group, kokuseiji, Nirayama strawberry picking, tea picking experience, experience made with Tsurushi bina, golf









Hot spring which is new among Izu whom we bred in in midstream of the Kano River in 1949.

View of the mountains of Fuji and Amagi is splendid.

The source may include 60 degrees, sodium and calcium and warms and works for rheumatism, neuralgia, dermatopathia.

Guidebook of neighborhood

cycle sports center, Ohito Zuisenkyo, Ohito Bairin, Mt. Jyoyama, Mt. Hattan-jyozan, Onazuka park of historic interest, child care guardian deity of children, sweet fish fishing, golf, cycling, trekking, rock-climbing


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