Meeting which makes Egawa liquor

Origin of "Egawa liquor"
With liquor which ran at the beginning of the Edo era from the age of civil strife, and was made in the Egawas, we were given to that Soun Hojo and Ieyasu Tokugawa as five components famous sake of country liquor.

In admiration of the good flavor, we are given the name of Egawa liquor from cloud already, and there is in historical fact when we were given wild chrysanthemum which family coat of arms of chrysanthemum is derived from in double cross from Ieyasu.

And it is "fair to make Egawa liquor" that stood up to bring back the splendid liquor which has been lost gradually.

 Complete reproduction is difficult at all, though, because unfortunately person knowing the taste is left only for some documents about manufacturing method without there being. "Then it is current "Egawa liquor" that was completed for enthusiasm, we will make liquor passing at the present with their hands".


Kind of "Egawa liquor"

Cooked Egawa liquor is two kinds now.

・Purely U.S. large brewing sake from the finest rice "kokawashu*an - tanan -"

kokawashu*an is the purely U.S. quality sake brewed from the finest rice. We sharpen rice until it becomes weight of less than 50% and are additive-free let alone alcohol for brewing. It is deluxe liquor. For characteristic of the taste,

1) Abundant flavor (fruity) 
2) We feel fine and are sharp
3) Mellow taste
Equal gaageraremasu.

・Particularly pure mijiu "Egawa liquor Nirayama - NIrayama -"

Egawa liquor Nirayama is pure mijiu especially. It is liquor which we cooked carefully without using alcohol for brewing.
※In October, we spend summer in cool sake brewery, and life filling "hiyaoroshi" to ship to is just sold.

Activity of "meeting making Egawa liquor"

In meeting making Egawa liquor, approximately 160 members are engaged from rice-transplanting to diaphragm of liquor and make.
We prepare in local Bandai Miki.

Product image

Less than 17 degrees 2,600 yen is tax-included more than kokawashu*an 720 ml 16 degrees

kokawashu*an 720 ml
It is less than 17 degrees more than 16 degrees
2,600 yen is tax-included

Less than 17 degrees 1,600 yen is tax-included more than Egawa liquor Nirayama 720 ml 16 degrees

720 ml of Egawa liquor Nirayama
It is less than 17 degrees more than 16 degrees
1,600 yen is tax-included

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