Handmade tofu Mizuguchi

Soybean product which is told to be good for beauty and health in food. The representative is tofu.
Continue making with handmade tofu "Mizuguchi" with feelings using domestic soybean selected carefully, natural groundwater, Shiota bittern of Akaho; and 60.

It was said to be [delicious], and it has been used habitually by many customers.
Particularly Hokkaido soybean, tofu which it is sleety using child of crane.
Though it is heavy, as for the soybean milk, taste is mellow, and sweetness and colander which it has body, and flavor of faint soybean drifts do writing brush how. It is one article of our restaurant one push.
Clear water series uses child soybean of this crane elsewhere, too.
Silk tofu of fluent taste. Though it is soft, it is chewy. By traditional how to make, do not still change, do not have trouble; do; tofu. We bring on deep taste that body of soybean condensed.
miyagishiro from Miyagi, Fuku Yutaka from Saga, regular series that we sorted in total and blended in the business using two kinds of soybean elsewhere.
Using Matcha tofu, citron tofu, tofu-like sesame paste, edamame tofu in the summer, shiso tofu, again Gulf of Suruga deep water there is various tofu such as silk tofu.
Raw Yuba which is delicious with sashimi. Soybean milk pudding of dessert, soybean milk epilepsy, soft serve with soybean milk, soybean milk cheesecake, soybean milk chiffon cake are popular, too.


Facility name: Handmade tofu Mizuguchi
Address: 647-1, Nagaoka, Izunokuni-shi
T E L :055-948-0779
F A X :Same as above
E-mail: None
H P :None
Access parking

Access :
It is three minutes from Izu Chuo Expressway Nagaoka interchange

Is car than Izuhakone Railway Izu-Nagaoka Station; ten minutes

The nearest station  :From Izu-Nagaoka Station bus
      Munenori Teramae getting off one minute for hot spring for or Numazu for three Tsu Sea Paradise
Parking: /8 stand which there is

Business hours

From 9:00 to 18:00

Regular holiday

Every Sunday

Recommended product

Brand name: Deep water tofu price: 220 yen (tax-included)

Brand name: Deep water tofu
Price: 220 yen (tax-included)

Brand name: Soybean milk pudding price: 105 yen (tax-included)

Brand name: Soybean milk pudding
Price: 105 yen (tax-included)

Brand name: Soft serve price with soybean milk: 262 yen (tax-included)

Brand name: Soft serve with soybean milk
Price: 262 yen (tax-included)

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