Ohmi Izu ranch

Milk and handicraft ice which came out of environment that was kind to beef and person
Reduced form activity water that drinking water of beef is rich in mineral
Activated carbon which gets rid of smell on floor of cowhouse. Of course we care about feed. The dairy farming method that thought about health of beef creates dairy product which is good for health of person. Milk squeezed out of healthy cow is unscented, and is easy to drink; full-bodied taste.
Homemade ice cream of 100% natural material is Matcha, tea with milk, mint, adzuki bean, 12 kinds including black sesame including vanilla, milk more. It gives all life to taste of milk.
It is good to taste on the spot and can send to the whole country by cool delivery service.


Facility name: Ohmi Izu ranch (omiizubokujo)
Address: 〒 410-2301 389, Tanakayama, Izunokuni-shi, Shizuoka
T E L :0558-79-0016
F A X :0558-79-0017
E-mail: info@mowmow.net
H P :http://www.mowmow.net/
Access parking

Access :
It is 15 minutes by car by car from Kameishi I.C from Ohito center I.C. for 20 minutes


Soft serve 262 yen
Cup 120 ml 350 yen

Regular holiday

Saturdays, Sundays and holidays

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