◎Collection of personal information

In Izunokuni-shi tourist association in the case of inquiries,
We collect contact information, personal information including e-mail address.

In the case of inquiry with telephone and consultation, we may ask for offer of personal information.

In this case we matched with the name of customer, address, phone number, the situation including e-mail address
We collect information.

◎Use purpose of personal information

In Izunokuni-shi tourist association, we utilize information of customer for service improvement.
We can offer useful information using this information.
There is no that we use personal information that had customer provide in appointed purpose entirely.

◎Offer, disclosure of personal information

We contribute to thing, third party using gleanings for purchase invitation, and, as for lending, there are none sale entirely.

But the following cases are excluded.

  • When there is agreement from customer
  • When we are called based on laws and ordinances
  • When it is necessary for legal obligation that we should obey
  • Case necessary to protect serious profit such as life, health, property
◎Protection of personal information

Because gleanings prevent leak, loss, manipulation than customer,
We take necessary and appropriate measures and try for ensuring safety of personal information.

The name (essential)

E-mail address (essential)


The message text

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